Status Anxiety

S T A T U S A N X I E T Y, the innate feeling aroused by the omnipresent need to fulfill the expectations we expect others project upon us, explores the idea that we, as humans, desire to be socially accepted; to climb the social ladder and reside at its pinnacle, or, at least die trying. To achieve this, we display an extroverted mirrored image of ourselves - the self we seek to be in the eyes of others.

S T A T U S A N X I E T Y explores this nervous tension by merging swaddling cocoon silhouettes with minimalist I - lines, elaborate northern indian embroidery and unexpected pleating to embody this innate conflict between the self and mirror - image.

Images featured inDeFuze Magazine

Photographer :
MUA & hair : Alyssa Akram
Models : Aaron Lynch & Megan Naude

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